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Find your love one online dating game

But every time we talked about love, dating, and possibly setting her up, she’d respond with, But then one year passed. Today, I’d like to share five common myths that may be preventing you from finding your “one”: While I was reading your responses to my recent survey on finding love, I noticed some of you adopt an external locus of control when it comes to love. ” I can’t give you a definite answer, but it’s definitely not 0%. From my experience, it can go anywhere from 40~% (myself) to as much as 99% (where my friends and clients have made pivotal moves that led to them finding their partners today). It’s a physical phenomenon first revealed in 1935 in a paper by Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky, and Nathan Rosen.“External locus of control” means having a worldview that things are out of one’s control and one doesn’t have a role to play in said outcome. I don’t think one should take a course to find love. They discovered pairs of photons, or “entangled” photons, connected by a strange link.Go away.” This confuses the universe and leaves her wondering, Since your intentions and actions don’t tally, you manifest misaligned results — jagged, sporadic encounters with men/women that don’t culminate into anything. For others: a barren dating life, as they refuse to be involved in creating their love destiny.Which is really unfortunate, because deep down, you may be a terrific guy/girl, ready to meet your true love and create the relationship of your life!! (This happened to me when I opened myself up, a year before I met Ken.) You meet more and more compatible men/women.In my soulmate series, I also shared how I was focused on “living my life” when Ken appeared. Until these are done, these blocks can hinder you in your love journey.

(This person turned out to be Ken.) Now, there was something else driving my singlehood: my subconscious blockages to love.By being proactive in love, it helps to set you on your love path, attract the right people, and open you up to new possibilities in love.🙂 People often harp on the saying, “Live your life and love will come your way.” After all, “live your best life” is one of my tips on finding love.When I saw this, I immediately thought of soulmates: Two beings with an unexplainable link with each other. Even if you don’t believe in soulmates and all this “woo woo” stuff, think of it this way: when you vibrate at your highest consciousness, one where you’re your highest self and ready for your highest love, you radiate your brightest energy that invisibly attracts people with similar energy. Firstly, living true to my path, quitting my job to start my business, and doing what I’m meant to do.Just like you’re a unique individual with your idiosyncrasies and talents, somewhere out there, there is someone who complements you in his/her own special way. This includes like-minded souls, potential mates, and… Secondly, constant work at living true to myself, being my highest self, and being aligned inside and out.

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On the other hand, when you take ownership of your love life, suddenly, possibilities open up. Because you are conscious of your role in love, you also take proactive, positive actions to attract your “one.” You start doing things that you don’t normally do, that seem random but are really leading you to your “one.” In turn, leading you to your “one.” ♥ 😀 To quote the site Twinflame Soulmates: Synchronicity is a common occurrence between twin flames and soulmates (Celes: twin flames = soulmate lovers).

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