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We also have recently turned our website around to match our chat room theme.

We will add more and more features to the website as time passes.

We are a free online adult chat room & free online sex chat room service, our services are free to use and always will be.

We do recommend that every user that uses our free online chat room go check our our CHAT RULES page before entering a chat room.

The rules are placed on our chat rooms to keep them safe and fun to chat at.

The strategies I have will either make the running of Chatro go up 2x - 3x or I'll be able to invest a bit more to stabilize it for us all. In all honesty I won't have answers until the new year.To crush your rumors and snide comments, Chatro is NOT this large pot of gold that keeps raking it in hand over fist.There is a reason why the previous owner moved to another country and a great deal of the old folk know full well it was to avoid US taxation.Running a business in the US is costly just to maintain from a federal standpoint, not to mention from the standpoint of business expenses. You all have been so very patient and concerned and willing to help and willing to support your web home for years and I thank you all for that.So now Chatro is running at a cost at what it used to run on BUT admittedly is not at its pinnacle by any stretch. I started at Chatro in '98 so don't dare think I want to see this place go byebye because I will do all I can to prevent that.

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I'll be reterminating some cabling, switching cables to different ports on the switch, and reconfiguring a few servers. The fact of the matter is we are getting slammed by DDo S and Do S attacks from random and indeteriminate sources. This is difficult to admit but this is going to take a bit of time to sort out.

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