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The alkahest is the power from Above that makes possible alchemical transformation.

The word is usually translated as "universal solvent," which alludes to the ability of the alkahest to dissolve or reduce all physical matter to its basic essence.

A pear-shaped earthenware bottle, open at both ends.

It was used as a condenser in the sublimation process and thus came to signify the end-stages of transformation.

In its design, the circular One Mind projects downward into the One Thing, while the lateral manifested world on which we are crucified is indicated by the horizontal bar.

The monks got violently ill and some even died, hence the Latin name that means "anti-monk." Spiritually too, monks feel most threatened by their own animal nature.They may be used to symbolize the four Elements such as the lion or ox (Earth), fish or whales (Water), eagles (Air), or salamanders or dragons (Fire).Aerial animals generally indicate volatile principles, while terrestrial animals indicate fixed principles.In other words, through crucifixion, the soul rises and is reborn on a higher level.Its use dates back over 3,000 years and is a symbolic rendition of the principles expressed in the Emerald Tablet.

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Also called the Hermetic Vase, the Philosopher's Egg, and the Vase of the Philosophy.