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Free sex chat numbers for skype

Bill Quimby, whose company, Toll Free, specializes in helping businesses obtain easy-to-remember digits to connect with customers, said it can be a challenge to find a good match because Prime Tel has gobbled up such an outsized share of the supply.

They started by getting numbers for phone sex, then getting good numbers in general, then they started taking all phone numbers, he said.

Over the years, though, Prime Tel has been hit with lawsuits and complaints alleging that it is violating federal rules banning toll-free service providers from hoarding digits.

He said the companys large share hasnt caused any shortages: Everybodys got all the numbers they need.

Helein said the raid last fall was not aimed at Prime Tel.

Those naughty misdials, and countless others like them, appear to be no accident.

A similar thing happens if you punch in the initial digits of 1-800-Metallica, 1-800-Cadillac, 1-800-Minolta, 1-800-Cameras, 1-800-Worship or 1-800-Whirlpool.

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