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Mother's Day is celebrated in more than 46 countries throughout the world.On this day, most people pray in churches in honor of mothers, while some gift them presents on this day to express their love. One of the most popular ways people celebrate Mother's Day is by giving their mother a card and bouquet of flowers.As adopted by other countries and cultures, the holiday has different meanings, is associated with different events (religious, historical or legendary), and is celebrated on different dates.In some cases, countries already had existing celebrations honoring motherhood, and their celebrations then adopted several external characteristics from the US holiday, such as giving carnations and other presents to one's mother. In some countries, it is potentially offensive to one's mother not to mark Mother's Day.In 1914, Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation designating Mother's Day, held on the second Sunday in May, as a national holiday to honor mothers.Although Jarvis was successful in founding Mother's Day, she became resentful of the commercialization of the holiday.In others, it is a little-known festival celebrated mainly by immigrants, or covered by the media as a taste of foreign culture.In some Catholic homes, families have a special shrine devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March or May.In 1908, the US Congress rejected a proposal to make Mother's Day an official holiday, joking that they would have to proclaim also a "Mother-in-law's Day".However, owing to the efforts of Anna Jarvis, by 1911 all US states observed the first being West Virginia, Jarvis' home state, in 1910.By the early 1920s, Hallmark Cards and other companies had started selling Mother's Day cards.Jarvis believed that the companies had misinterpreted and exploited the idea of Mother's Day, and that the emphasis of the holiday was on sentiment, not profit.

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As a result, she organized boycotts of Mother's Day, and threatened to issue lawsuits against the companies involved.