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He was on the medical staff board of Daniel Freeman Hospital in Inglewood and was managing partner of a seven-physician medical group that included a medical laboratory and a diagnostic testing company.

He served as chief financial officer for an independent physician association as well as other non-medical organizations. Weaver has always studied and sometimes incorporated cutting edge treatments into his practice.

The practice specializes in non invasive cardiovascular disease treatments and provides EECP therapy to people affected by many other diseases and illnesses. Weaver is currently vice chairman of the National Medical Association's judicial council, the largest African American physician association in America.

Sara Soulati and her executive team manage Global Cardio Care Centers, a physician practice since 2002.

Ronald Seymour Weaver was born in New York City in 1949.

To complete his Internal Medicine training, he transferred to the University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA. Weaver was accepted into the UCLA specialty program for pulmonology, lung diseases, which was to begin one year after finishing his Internal Medicine program in 1978.

He had taken and passed the specialty boards to became board certified in Internal Medicine in 1977. Weaver began practice in the South Central Los Angeles and Inglewood communities of Southern California.

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He became attached to the community and his patients and elected to forgo his ambition as a lung specialist and remained in the community.

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