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Reddit page is packed with anecdotes about the games, as well as screenshots of the various places players have encountered Pokemon.

Some of those places are very appropriate, some don’t make sense (like Pokemon being generated over malls or in the air; hopefully this will be patched in future app updates), and some of them are downright hilarious!

announcement trailer, the system of superimposing the Pokemon encounter visuals over a real-time video of your surroundings is pretty cool.

The specific Pokemon a trainer might encounter in a given location often even corresponds to the real-world surroundings.

She read hers out and there were no surprises...1 George Clooney...2 Brad Pitt etc...

My wife and I both made a list of five people we could sleep with.

Apparently, trainer was looking down on a city street from a nearby hill or something like that, and the size of the Pokemon that appeared in the center of the frame did not adjust accordingly.

Another hilarious screenshot shows a Magikarp in a frying pan. It looks like this poor Rattata recently lost his rodent brethren, and now it just wants those pesky 8.The legend that was Tommy Cooper took second place with: 'Police arrested two kids yesterday, one was drinking battery acid, the other was eating fireworks. Apparently, one in five people in the world are Chinese. I thought ‘I’ve got the better deal here’...1 Your sister - Michael Mc Intyre45.And there are five people in my family, so it must be one of them. A market researcher said ‘can I ask you 10 questions’, I said ‘go on’, she said ‘question number one, have you ever had a blackout?The Pokemon’s positioning and the situation in which it appeared seem almost too perfect to be purely coincidence; that’s some pretty impressive image recognition on Niantic’s part!has been shown to get the placement of its Pokemon exactly right.

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Magikarp has been the butt of many a joke since his debut in the first generation of Pokemon main series video games, and much of the ridicule the poor guy receives is due to the fact that his big brother, Gyarados, is such a powerful — and, at this point, iconic — monster.

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