Georgian women dating dating romance games girls

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Georgian women dating

At the same time, there’re restaurants where you’re there to shovel your food in your face and get the hell out.

Waiting one second longer than it takes to pull out your wallet and pay is going to earn you the ire of the staff waiting to turn the table over there to get their muddy bean water so they can face the day and coffee shops where people post up to work for hours.

If you can tell the difference between these, congratulations: you can, in fact, read the social context. The question at hand is whether you are in a place where approaching women and men is generally considered acceptable behavior or not. You’re there to eat; meeting strangers isn’t part of the social context.

If you’re at a restaurant, do you stand up and start going over to another table to strike up a conversation just because you think they look interesting? Bars, on the other hand, are generally expected to be social spaces.

Don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing inherently wrong with approaching women. The next key mistake that guys make when approaching women: they ignore the social context.

The social context is, put simply, the rules that govern people’s expected behavior in social situations.

See, part of the social context is that just because you’re open to behavior in one place doesn’t mean you’re open to it true if, say, she has social anxiety or gets flustered or anxious talking to people. The beauty of meeting a charming stranger on the bus?

In practice, however, you have better odds navigating an asteroid field in a busted-ass Corellian freighter.

Like most people, you probably met them at work, at school or through shared interests.

How many have you met by approaching random people on the street?

You’ve gone one block and a guy is following you asking you to buy his mix CD.

He gives up, but now you see two people with clipboards and you’ve just made eye-contact with them.

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Now they’re coming up to you wanting money, or your signature.

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