Hi iq dating

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Hi iq dating

High-IQ people are very individualistic, but they usually strive for the common good (as well as their own interests).Their passion for things, their sense of logic, and their desire for perpetual improvement, make of them good politicians and philosophers.They value more truth, facts and logic than friendship or emotional relations.Gifted people therefore only care about social conventions they agree with, and (harshly) criticise the others.We have seen in this thread that IQ is strongly hereditary, that children with highly educated parents also tended to have higher IQ's, and especially that male hormones significantly increased IQ (because IQ only testes typically male reasoning skills, like logic and spatial skills).

The higher the IQ, the higher the sense of individuality and the independence of mind.So they end up having little time and energy left, and little motivation, for ordinary chit-chat.Because they are constantly "navigating in their thoughts", they tend to be more forgetful of trivial things ("damn, I forgot to remove the clothes from the washing machine last night ! Their strong independence of mind and deep intellectualisation of things results in exceptionally gifted people having stronger individual interests than average ("passions" for some topics or activities).On the other hand, they usually dislike routine jobs, with predefinied tasks and little space for creativity and a sense of intellectual challenge.Given their individualism, they rarely bear the authority of other people, and are therefore more often self-made people, free-thinkers and entrepreneurs, rather than conventional academics or professionals employed by a company.

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At school, exceptionally gifted children are easily bored by lessons, because they understand before everyone else and get irritated when the teacher has to repeat for slower people.