Horse rider dating

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The potential for housing additional horses is a powerful aphrodisiac. But you’d have to really screw up to not get a second date if we find out you have a truck.Before we even buckle our seatbelt we’re giddily calculating how many fewer trips we’ll need to make to the feed store. The Horse Girl is a unique and wonderful breed, and we want your relationship to be successful.

It’s kind of like the sexy Santa version of a wish list-icle. (Disclaimer: This content is PG13.)Heather Struthers owns and operates Ottawa’s hippest tack shop: Performance Horse & Rider.

Because of this we will take you to the barn now and then to teach you some basic terminology.

We can’t fully enjoy telling you stories about what cute thing our horse did today if you must continually interrupt us to ask what a word means.

It’s actually better if you’re NOT a horse person yourself.

We’d just as soon not have to deal with the inevitable disagreements—you claiming the horses are fine when the weather clearly warrants blanketing, for example.

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Keep a bottle of Febreze in the truck if you must, but we are not going to wear that pine tree-shaped “necklace” that you took off your rearview mirror.

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