Intimidating volleyball

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(Over in two meaning, you're going to win the match in two games.) Volleyball Team Cheer Do you want to be more creative and funny? Some teams just play for fun, while other teams are serious. If so, you might want something that sounds cocky like "Over in Two". DV8 Now Death from Above Vision Quest Lost Boys Bad News Set to Kill Straight Down PLAYS ON SETS/SEX Safe Sets Sets On The Beach Sloppy Sets We Need Sets Joy of Sets Will Work For Sets Kinky Sets TRICKY NAMES Bye Forfeit Cancelled Disqualified No Show Postponed Rescheduled Defaults ALL-STAR NAMES All-star Wrestling B.Big City Volleyball also has an annual award for the best team name.

HITTING Scared Hitless Hit for Brains Full of Hits Hit-heads Hit-faced Hit-eating grinners Hitlist Hitting bricks Doesn't mean hits Shoot the hits A Case of the Hits BLOCKING Blockheads Block Magic Block Market Blockbusters Two Blocks Away Acme Roofing Hit the Roof Hit-men Hit and Miss The Triple Hits Take a Hit SWAT team BALLS Balls out By the Balls Balls in an Uproar MISC The Sandeaters The Sand Slingers The Blazing Sunburns The Bumping Maniacs Tipping maniacs Power tippers Heads in the Sand Way Out We Could Carry Less Carry On Carry (Some) Clout Tender Loving Carry Major Carriers Hit Me Passing Fancy Spiked Punch Set for life Serves you Right Folly for Serve Touch and Go Touched!Becoming a champion on the court requires any athlete to “pay his/her physical dues.” That is, there is no shortcut to reaching your goals.You have to work hard, build muscle strength, improve your quickness, increase endurance and hone the technique required to play this game at a high level.Life Savers Hurricanes Spin Masters Media On New Millennium Marsh 2 Jonathan David Orange Krush Court Hogs Sir Ving!Serve-ivors Airborne The Miami Relatives The Jersey Blues Nuff Said Set Shorty Drink-Spike-Drink Special K Nothing But Net Block the Vote Just Mets Harass 'Em Dink 'n Run Don't Dink Around Chihuahuas The Dinks Are On Us Lucky 12's DB Spank Gratuitous Sets & Violence Kukla, Fran & Volley Graham's Crackers Dinks & Drinks Did That Hurt?

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