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Invalidating connection

Up until this night, the World Tag Team Championship was only active on the Smack Down brand.

But when Storm and Christian moved to Raw, the titles moved too, forcing the creation of a second tag team championship.

Storm claimed that World Wrestling Entertainment had discriminated against Canadians for years, citing the Montreal Screwjob as an example.

Christian (who had teamed with Storm regularly since the fall of the WCW/ECW Alliance) and Test, also Canadian, joined the burgeoning stable later that month.

As indicated by the name, the Anti-Americans differed from previous incarnations of Team Canada in that they were anti-American rather than pro-Canadian.

As a result of this, the emblem of the stable was not the Canadian flag, but an American flag flown upside down.

The Un-Americans (originally known as The Anti-Americans) were a professional wrestling stable in World Wrestling Entertainment who were active throughout mid-2002.

The stable was originally composed of three anti-American Canadian wrestlers, Lance Storm, Christian and Test.

In the following weeks, Christian and Test were pinned by their opponents in matches, and the referee failed to see that they were touching the ring-ropes (thus invalidating the pin attempt).In the same night, The Undertaker defeated Test in a singles match.In late August and early September, The Un-Americans attempted on several occasions to burn the American flag, but were thwarted on each occasion by Booker T, Goldust, Kane and Bradshaw.Lance Storm lost a tag team match when he used a Bridging German Suplex to pin his opponent Billy Kidman.Storm inadvertently put his own shoulders on the mat, forcing the referee to count a pinfall on both men.

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In fact, Jericho had jumped to Raw on the same day as the stable, but still did not join them, though he is sometimes regarded as an associate (especially with Christian).