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Because of their past invalidation, they don't have any methods for coping with these sudden, intense surges of emotion.

DBT is a method for teaching skills that will help in this task.

Basically, it’s letting another person know that you accept and understand his feelings, whether you agree with what he’s said or not.

Some experts in BPD diagnosis and treatment think that another important childhood experience, As you know, everyone is different, including in the way they experience relationships and interactions with others.

This explains why people suffering from symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder are known for crisis-strewn lives and extreme emotional lability (emotions that shift rapidly).An emotionally invalidating environment is any situation involving other people in which they respond to your expressions of emotion inappropriately or inconsistently.In the context of borderline personality disorder (BPD), "invalidating" means failing to treat your expression of emotions with attention, respect, and understanding.In an invalidating environment, you're essentially told that your expression of feelings is The “invalidator” may deny, ignore, ridicule, deliberately misinterpret, or be critical of your feelings.Whatever form the invalidating takes, a child growing up in an invalidating environment learns that his emotions are somehow incorrect, perhaps not even worth considering.

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Their arousal level increases more rapidly, peaks at a higher level and takes more time to return to baseline.