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Japanese dating show

First there was Yuzuki Kitaoji, the 24-year-old heartthrob actor.

Voltage Inc., the company that makes seemed to capitalize on by making the game 13 chapters long, each comprised of lengthy narratives about my budding romance with Ryoichi.Sure, I had to fish it out of some expensive champagne, but goddammit, I GOT THE RING. a dating simulator that allows players to reap many of the rewards of romance without having to make physical contact with another human being.By the time I got my ring, I had been playing obsessively for a week.And because I find car racing about as fascinating as a game of Go Fish, I wasn’t especially titillated by 22-year-old Formula One star Noel Aijima.That left Ryoichi, described as a 26-year-old sadistic novelist.

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I was surprised how much reading was involved in the game, but the words were intended to seduce—in a teen-romance-novel kind of way.