Katie leung dating robert pattinson

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He also appeared in Mira Nair's 'Vanity Fair'; however, his scenes were deleted for unknown reasons.Robert Pattinson got his first real break in the form of role in 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'; in this film Robert played the role of 'Cedric Diggory'.

Before he was expelled from school, Robert attended the 'Tower House School' and the 'Harrodian School'.

But getting to be Pattinson's onscreen girlfriend in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and kiss Radcliffe in the following film The Order of the Pheonix weren't enough to convince Katie Leung she was in the right business.

Katie says: 'It is a great honour to be involved in such an extraordinary project and especially to be playing the role based on Jung Chang.

After delving into information about Pattionson's career, let us have a look at some interesting facts associated with his personal life.

Interesting Facts about Robert Pattinson These are few fun facts about Robert Pattinson.

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