Lesbain dating servicessalt lake city

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Lesbain dating servicessalt lake city

My career in mathematics, science, and technical writing might have handicapped me socially.

Rather than liking stereotypical intelligentsia activities (like opera, political activism, etc.), I prefer simple low-cost stuff like board games, swimming, world travel using Airbnb, bluegrass/folk … Love the outdoors, fishing, boating, hiking, camping.

Hi, not really good with bios but I'm 17 and live in Utah 😝,, I love doing adventurous stuff, reading, cats and Netflix.

If your weird and allitle insane we can be friends ☺️ Always love meeting new people I'm a wildland firefighter.

I travel frequently for my job and work a lot of overtime. The goal is working my way up to luxury living if any of you beautiful woman are on the same track.not get at me Hey, I know that this is the part i put something interesting about my self, but I can never think of what to write.

I love anything outdoors--hiking, camping, backpacking, kayaking, snowshoeing. I make time for a lot of small trips and try to do at least one big trip each year (this year was Europe for two … The typical life of Erika is working, hanging out with friends, and saving up my money to travel.

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