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Security experts said that the hackers likely found the family’s IP address by accessing her daughter’s i Pad through a video game the girls were playing, Jennifer said.

They apparently then took control of the cameras through the family’s modem and DVR system.

Drumheller says the reception has been good and that most of the comments were positive. We laugh, we cry, we have a sense of humor and we're just regular genuine people." Every time he drove off he would flash a peace sign out his window.

A fan even sent him a red shirt with white text that reads, "Make Sheriff Dab Again." As to whether or not he will make another appearance Sheriff Dab says, "I tried to go out on a good note. "Peace to everybody, peace around the world, let's all get along and try to have a little fun when we can," he says.

If you want to check out some of the crazy stuff happening at the Jackson Hole intersection check out the links below.

She told ABC News that she discovered the chilling live feed when another concerned mother posted a screenshot in a Facebook group for Houston mothers. People are watching my kids in their home, dressing, sleeping, playing.” The Oregon woman who posted the image said she was looking for satellite images of Earth with her son when she decided to download the free app Live Camera Viewer.The feeds are sorted by the number of “likes” from app users.Jennifer said she believes her daughters’ bedroom had been streaming since at least late July, and had 571 likes – meaning that at least that many people had been watching the feed.Jennifer told ABC she’s not allowing her children on the internet now, saying “I just can’t chance it again.” She urges other parents to stay vigilant when it comes to their children’s online activities.Discover Dallas, Texas, from an entirely new perspective with this live webcam located on the Reunion Tower!

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Kurt Drumheller, AKA "Sheriff Dab," walked into his dispatcher's office one late night where he learned thousands of people were watching the live stream.

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