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The Apostles, before they parted, gathered together in Jerusalem in the first Council of the Church.

There they decided to put down in a brief statement their principal doctrines, so that their teachings might be uniform wherever they preached.

The patriarchs and prophets were called messengers of God, and often received from Him extraordinary powers, of miracles and prophecy, in order that they might be believed.

Before printing was invented about 1450, books could be reproduced only by making manuscript copies on parchment or sheepskin.

A complete Bible cost a fortune, because of the time and expense necessary for copying.

Before the 15th century when printing was invented, the Bible was reproduced by copying in longhand.

We should be very grateful to the monks and nuns of ancient times who labored lovingly, making manuscript copies of old documents that had come down from earliest times.

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The second seems full of pleasures and roses, but punishment awaits the traveler at the end: eternal damnation in hell. -- Religion is the virtue by which we give to God the honor and service due to Him alone as our Creator, Master, and Supreme Lord.

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