Match other dating sites

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Match other dating sites

To meet other Catholics on a mainstream dating site like or e, you have to set up your profile to show specifically that your faith and values are one of your top priorities.You must spend a lengthy amount of time illustrating this in your profile, when sites like Christian only give you a single field to express your faith. Catholic Match caters specifically to Catholics who value their faith, and we understand that you are not simply “Catholic.” We give you easy questions that detail your faith, along with multiple options to express the particulars of your faith to other single Catholics.Unlike sites such as Ok Cupid or Plentyof Fish, Catholic Match members can enjoy community and friendship instead of just waiting for that perfect profile to pop up.When we talk about value, we are taking into account what you pay and what you get back in return, and Catholic Match has one of the highest values of any religious-based dating site.

In this, Catholic Match stands apart from the other dating sites that are more focused on guiding members towards casual dating or “hook-ups” which seems to be particularly prevalent on the free sites like Plentyof Fish.

Because of our values, we have a sincere, heartfelt goal to promote more holy and healthy Catholic marriages.

Particular features and tools on sites like e and Ok Cupid offer a scientific matching system that can assist you in the process of finding profiles with which you are compatible.

In addition, Catholic Match offers a guarantee (like and e for those who put in an honest effort during the first six months of their subscription.

For these members, another 6 months of membership is granted to them for free.

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They do not operate in an ongoing, comprehensive way that can provide a continual companion service while you are single.

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