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Also notice how this seemingly contradicts the “undivided attention” trait, so use common sense here. Many guys talk incessantly about themselves and never listen to their date. Don’t Talk To the Cell Phone – You are on a date with a girl, not your cellphone.

If she is giving you undivided attention but still seems nervous, that’s a doubly-good sign. So turn off the cellphone, and certainly don’t get in long conversations via phone while you’re at dinner or on a date with this girl.

That is, if her body is sitting squarely and pointed directly at you, that’s a good sign. Nervous or Distracted – Another possible sign that she’s attracted is when she seems distracted by something or nervous around you. If you are being an ass to others or showing off by acting foolish, this isn’t likely to impress a woman. If you talk while you eat, you aren’t going to make points very well and you’re going to look like a bumpkin eating. Listen and Respond – Listen to what she’s saying and respond in an intelligent fashion.

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The eyes are said to be the mirror of the soul, meaning they often give a person’s intentions and attitudes away. Smiling With Eye Contact – If she smiles when you return her eye contact, that’s a good sign. Playing with her hair, running her finger across her lips or tilting her head to expose her neck are signs of posing. Body Contact – If she touches you on the elbow or leans in towards you, these are signs of flirtation. The idea of dating this person is to enjoy life and enjoy yourself a bit, so do that.

Most women are not going to seek body contact with a man otherwise. Total Attention – Once again, if she seems to maintain eye contact and is giving you her undivided attention is another sign she’s attracted. Usually, women will respond positively if you are having a good time. Don’t Act The Fool – When I say “Have a good time,” I’m suggesting you enjoy yourself in a reasonable fashion. People are simply more attracted to the opposite sex when they smile. Brooding might look good in the movies, but it’s generally a bad way to attract women in life. Good Manners Help – Have decent table manners when eating. If you get your food everywhere, that isn’t very attractive.

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Some people just blink their eyes often, though, so you might observe her when she talks to other people to gauge any differences. Mirroring Your Actions – When a woman imitates your own gestures or movements, or she copies phrases or terms you’ve used during the conversation, she is mirroring. Religion and politics are something people care deeply about and, unless you’re lucky, the two of you won’t see entirely eye-to-eye on.