Mom hot chat with son

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Mom hot chat with son

I happily accepted and called her to come on Saturday morning as it was a holiday for me. The first two days were fine as we chatted a lot and on Monday she told ‘Raja i wanted to come with you to see your office today’.

We caught my daily bus we didn’t find a seat, so were standing.

That was the signal for me; I went beside her touched her directly on the cunt over the saree, she then slightly bent over me and told ‘I love you’. She gave me treat as it was her marriage anniversary and her husband was not in town.

I took her to ladies restroom and kissed her fully on the lips.

She was making huge noises than moans and then we have to stop as other lady from outside told us to keep low. Later she told that the Bus driver vivek who is 33 years old is aware of my episodes and he used to help me by applying brakes.

As he is also a bachelor she used to enjoy with both of us.

Vivek was constantly looking at my mom as she was damn beautiful in that black silk saree, then only I observed her as a real woman with damn beautiful face, big eyes, straight nose, suckin lips, and heavy midriff with busty boobs and perfect shape of ass.

I feel that the matured ones gets more satisfaction when somebody do this to them. Once shantha had come in cream color saree with matching tight blouse, she looks like Tamil actress kushboo; she smiled mischievously after looking at me.

I bet this is a very different and Unique incest story with lots of realities, which you will agree at the end.

This happened in 2 years ago in IT capital Bangalore.

I am a normal guy who’s much interested in girls/women but never bothered about maintaining one, as I was too busy with my office work.

This story happened when I joined my first job in an IT firm in a place very far from city. Usually the buses will be fully jammed with more people in the mornings.

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