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This is a reproduction of the OEM service manualwritten by Ford Motor Company to help its dealers repairthe Model T.

You will find 296 pages of step-by-stepinstructions for repairing all of the mechanical partsalong with 577 pictures, diagrams and illustrations.

Includes serviceinformation for the cooling system, engine, enginetrouble diagnosis, fuel system, ignition system,lubricating system, and instructions for maintenance andoperation of the vehicle. 35 pages with illustrations andstep-by-step procedures. Murray Fahnestock wrote columns for years aboutservicing the Model T Ford, giving real-world advice fromhis practical experience.

This book is a collection of thosearticles and includes adjusting crankshaft bearings, axleshaft repairs, grease leaks, curing front wheel wobble,overheating, repairing the radiator, adjustment of the Holley carburetor, repairing the worn timer, aligning thecrankcase, proper gasketing, overcoming air leaksaround the valve stems, fitting piston rings, and more.

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These cover a vast range of products and services for all sectors of industry, commerce, medicine, transport and leisure.The book followsthe Model T from design considerations to its lasting legacy,and along the way describes the mechanical, manufacturing,and marketing innovations that the cars production entailed.Illustrated throughout with period art and photography, this book celebrates as never before the car that epitomized the American automobile.When he introduced the Model T in 1908, even an eternal optimist like Henry Fordcould not have predicted the far reaching changes he wassetting in motion.One hundred years later, this illustratedhistory looks back at the beloved Tin Lizzie.

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