Nintex error updating a list item whose dating jennifer anistin

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Nintex error updating a list item

Bottom line is, at the time of creation, the item Id is not yet set, so you cannot use it, neither from a calculated field nor from a workflow.But with a small workaround, it is possible to make it work in an easy and robust way.Also log the New Id field to check that the autonumber record is correctly created. I'm stuck on step 2, "Second, you need a second list. I will only use the ID field of this list, so no further customization is necessary." When you say ID field, what do you mean?

Then you could write the value to the workflow log or email it to yourself. Could you try assigning the Number Series: ID value to a variable and then logging it to see its contents?

I created this on SP2013 onprem using sp 2010 workflow engine. But for some reason my Update Step (and then assign the ID of the newly created item to the Auto Number field in Test List) doesn't want to update.

It could be slightly different on a 2013 engine/sp online. The point is that Share Point itself handles automatic increment on list element ID's, so by creating a new element in another list, you are guaranteed a unique ID on that list element, and hence you can use it as an autonumber in your list. The Number Series List update with new entry on creationg, but it doesnt update the Auto Number column in Test List. I'm using Share Point Online Plan 2 with Share Point Designer 2013. Execute Body(Activity Executor executor, Bookmark Manager bookmark Manager, Location result Location) Exception from activity Parse Guid Assign Stage 1 Sequence Flowchart Workflow.

Thanks in advance, Sam Hello Sam, I understand your problem, as this step was not very well documented.

At the time, I was merely making a note of the steps needed for future reference, I did not anticipate so many comments!

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Furthermore (and herein lies the not-so-obvious part), the variable should be of type 'list element ID' or similar (I only have the norwegian type description in front of me)I suppose choosing 'int' would also work here.

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