Nokia 6500 updating

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Nokia 6500 updating

The profiles provide standards which manufacturers follow to allow devices to use Bluetooth in the intended manner.For the Bluetooth low energy stack according to Bluetooth 4.0 a special set of profiles applies.Each A2DP service, of possibly many, is designed to uni-directionally transfer an audio stream in up to 2 channel stereo, either to or from the Bluetooth host. It includes mandatory support for the low-complexity SBC codec (not to be confused with Bluetooth's voice-signal codecs such as CVSDM), and supports optionally MPEG-1 Part 3/MPEG-2 Part 3 (MP2 and MP3), MPEG-2 Part 7/MPEG-4 Part 3 (AAC and HE-AAC), and ATRAC, and is extensible to support manufacturer-defined codecs, such as apt X.Some Bluetooth stacks enforce the SCMS-T digital rights management (DRM) scheme.The Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) is often used in conjunction with A2DP for remote control on devices such as headphones, car audio systems, or stand-alone speaker units.

It differs from HCRP in that it needs no printer-specific drivers.This profile is designed to provide a standard interface to control TVs, Hi-fi equipment, allow a single remote control (or other device) to control all of the A/V equipment to which a user has access. It is commonly used in car navigation systems to control streaming Bluetooth audio.For example, there are Hands-Free Profile (HFP) 1.5 implementations using both Bluetooth 2.0 and Bluetooth 1.2 core specifications.The way a device uses Bluetooth technology depends on its profile capabilities.

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It may be broken down into smaller pieces: Allows the initiator to remotely use a digital camera.