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Even though this country does not have as much wealth as India, its people appear to have a much better standard of living.

I only saw one small slum in my travels, unlike the hundreds (or thousands) I have seen all over India.

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It took him four days to work up the courage to subtly ask us for some money, something that would have been no issue at all.

I have become accustomed to being defensive when trying to pass a car, it took a while for me to get used to trusting that someone wasn’t going to try and run me over when I went near a road.

That said, I still think I would feel quite safe travelling around Sri Lanka on my own if I were to come again.

There is a gentleness to the race that makes me believe it would be alright for a solo female traveller (however on this trip I travelled with my parents and cousin).

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The only exception would have to be buses, which hurtle down the narrow roads at a breakneck pace to catch their next passenger, taking no prisoners along the way.