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Some are more suggestive, like “nice to touch” and “Saudi gay club.” Users then click on a name to communicate with that person.Panic over pics The phenomenon has started to receive attention in the media, especially after stories appeared saying women were photographing female guests in revealing evening gowns at weddings — which are segregated — and circulating them to friends by Bluetooth.Their Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones rested on the table next to the remnants of a dinner of club sandwiches and fries.“I’ve been using Bluetooth since it came out last year.They elude the mores imposed by the kingdom’s puritanical Wahhabi version of Islam — formulated in the 18 century device in their mobile phones: the wireless Bluetooth technology that permits users to connect without going through the phone company.

It is replacing a favorite method of flirting: throwing phone numbers at women through car windows or in shopping malls.

The restaurant, like all Riyadh eateries, has taken precautions to prevent its male and female diners from seeing or contacting each other.

Circular white walls surround each table in the family section, open only to women alone or women accompanied by close male relatives. Yet despite the barriers, the men and women flirt and exchange phone numbers, photos and kisses.

“I asked him why, and he answered, ‘Am not allowed to watch over other angels.”’ A sprinkling of not-so-innocent Some are more forward: a picture of a woman covered in a cloak and then another one of her in a white top, looking coquettishly from beneath the rim of a cap; an image of two women kissing; a woman taking off her trousers while suggestively shaking her hips.

A few contain hardcore pornography or viruses that infect people’s phones.

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On a recent warm night, Abdullah Muhammad sat in front of his laptop at a sidewalk cafe waiting for his computer’s Bluetooth to pick up nearby users.

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