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For more on his campaign to help support arts and music in high-need public schools, go to Donors Lambert.) is in stores and the single from his new solo debut album will be released on Nov. You can hear many of Lambert's performances of Jewish songs on Youtube.

At age 16, Barber dated and nearly married Simon Goldman, a Jewish gangster from the circle of Peter Rachman, a notorious Jewish slumlord.

Sarsgaard, who is Catholic, is married to one of my favorite Jewish actresses from an interfaith background, Maggie Gyllenhaal.

But Hornby and Scherfig don't soft-pedal the anti-Semitism in the general environment of British society in the 1960s in their fictionalization.

The films' respective directors were given certain restrictions.

Each film had to have some sort of romantic encounter, could not run more than 8 minutes and had to reasonably meld or interconnect (no blackouts) into the next film.

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Writer Nick Hornby and director Lone Scherfig fictionalized Barber's book, changing the names of the characters and some of their characteristics.