Outlook sent items not updating

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After some thought and a little experimentation, I have come up with a couple of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro solutions that should suit your needs nicely.

When confronted by behavior that doesn't conform to my expectations or preferences, I tend to be a little hasty in looking for programmatic solutions. ) But before jumping into VBA code with both feet, I try to check out the Outlook Email options and rules.

Hence, any attempt to find the message in the Sent Items folder proves fruitless. Make the wrong choice, and you could have a brittle and flaky application on your hands.

There might be more than one candidate, but more often than not, one choice is better than the others.

One event that crossed my mind is my destination folder's Item Add() event.

This event fires whenever one or more items are added to its Items collection.

Only one problem: The email isn't moved into the Sent Items folder until the Send event has completed. One key factor in event-driven programming is where to place the event-handling code.

Microsoft Outlook’s default behavior is to retain a copy of sent items in the Sent Items folder.

But in a business environment, in which hundreds of email messages might be dispatched each day, such a generic setup might not be satisfactory.

Only after you've exhausted those avenues should you go looking for more complex fixes. Related: Q: How can I have Microsoft Outlook 2010 ignore future messages in an email thread?

Let's see what we can do with the Outlook Rules Wizard.

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