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So join the best gym you can afford, and work out regularly with a personal trainer.

You'll enjoy the added bonus of meeting men who also embrace a healthy lifestyle.

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If you're determined to find someone interesting, nothing in this world can stop you from doing so.Likewise, you should be dating seriously before a man learns of your many career accomplishments.If he seems more interested in your status and success than in your love, politely show him the door. Avoid Gold-Diggers Your date should be putting his best foot forward, not advertising his loans, liens, alimony, child support, and business expenses.Gone are the days when you had no other option than to live a life of solitude.These over 40 dating sites would not only help you find an ideal match but also ensure you communicate effectively.

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In order to simplify the process of dating, we have thoroughly assessed several websites and deduced a list of the top 5 dating sites for singles over 40.