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Cuneta during her early years made her first TV appearance in Ike Lozada's show, in the Bulilit portion, where she mimicked songs of her aunt, Helen Gamboa.

Cuneta was just as young when she appeared in her first movie, the Rosanna Ortiz-George Estregan starrer Lovers for Hire. At the age of 11, in one of the parties Cuneta and her family has attended, she was asked to sing one of Cinderella's 1970s hits entitled, '"Bato sa Buhangin".

One of the guests in the party was TV host and comedian, Tito Sotto, the husband of her aunt Helen and Vicor Music' vice president at that time.

Sotto invited Cuneta to make a record for his label.

Almers De Luna, a member of the group Sharon's Angels, revealed that the Cunetas asked for a P220,000-talent fee, which at the time was a large amount for a newcomer.

To the disbelief of Sharon's parents, Sining Silangan agreed to pay the sum without reservation.

However, the record received a lukewarm response from the public, mostly radio listeners as they felt that Cuneta was too young to record a love song, yet too old to record a children's song. In 1980, Cuneta was tapped to sing the theme song of a Vilma Santos starrer and a Cebu Film Festival entry entitled, "Tubig at Langis" (Water and Oil).

, which turned out to be a box office hit and led to the reconciliation of the couple after breaking up in 1982.

Dear Heart was successful and paved the way for future collaborations.

Due to the commercial success of Dear Heart, a sequel was made.

She released albums such as PS I Love You (1981), Sixteen (1982) and Sharon & Love (1983).

After playing "poor little rich girl" roles in her earlier movies, Viva Films decided to bring Cuneta to a wider variety of roles.

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She has starred in 53 films, 10 television shows, recorded 40 albums and worked as a celebrity endorser for many products.

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