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This page aims to give you a broad overview of Afghanistan's art, culture, people, environment, geography, history, economy and government.

Background Afghanistan's recent history is characterized by war and civil unrest.

Industries: Small-scale production of textiles, soap, furniture, shoes, fertilizer, cement; handwoven carpets; natural gas, coal, copper.

Exports - commodities: opium, fruits and nuts, handwoven carpets, wool, cotton, hides and pelts, precious and semi-precious gems.

Backed by foreign sponsors, the Taliban developed as a political force and eventually seized power.

The Taliban were able to capture most of the country, aside from Northern Alliance strongholds primarily in the northeast, until US and allied military action in support of the opposition following the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks forced the group's downfall.

The Soviet Union (Russia) invaded in 1979, but was forced to withdraw 10 years later by anti-Communist mujahidin forces supplied and trained by the US, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and others.

Fighting subsequently continued among the various mujahidin factions, giving rise to a state of warlordism that eventually spawned the Taliban.

Afghanistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is a mountainous, landlocked country in South-Central Asia at an important geopolitical location, it connects the Middle East with Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

Diplomatic Missions The Embassy of Afghanistan, Washington, DC Offers news and up to date country information.

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Oslo The Embassy is accredited to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

Statistics Central Statistics Organization, Afghanistan (CSO)Official website of the Central Statistics Organization.

Afghanistan in Figures Afghanistan key statistical data.

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