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The question still remains amongst many netizens while the gossip is spreading via the Internet. ㄴ 1504210 Krystal insta post with her selfie by mentioning “what’re you doing? For the past few months it’s been going Viral in Korea that T.

Their Instagram are already fanning the flames of the rumors.

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Too many men and women, who have a series of negative dating experiences or relationships, come to believe that they are destined to fail with the opposite sex in the future because of their bad dating past, and that there is nothing they can do to change that.

This leads to a feeling of making do with second best. There are many of us who have entered into a relationship willingly only to discover to our cost that the relationship wasn't all it could be. The most commonly sited reason is that we put our career first, especially through out 20's and then begin seriously dating in our 30's when we feel ready. I don't have the answers but it cropped up quite a few times in my survey and could be tied in with point 2.

In turn you start hankering for the girl or boy from all those years ago. Not asking someone out on a date when the offer was there. It seems that not asking someone out can leave a long term legacy. Whilst the door was only over there we chose for many a reason not to walk out of it. Maybe for sex, for appearance, for contacts, for business reasons or even out of sympathy. The problem is that we are not as young as we were, not as attractive as when we were 21 in many cases, our body clocks are ticking at a deafening volume and all the best catches have been snapped up. People in love have left and seem to struggle to find an explanation.

Unfortunately this often tends to be your childhood sweetheart or first love at college. P debuted in 2006 as a BIG BANG member, and have since seen much success with lies, last farewell, day after day, fantastic baby, and more, with BIG BANG rising to become a national boy gruop. I were not yet announced while the majority of the members’ activities after I. I had already been announced early, generating curiosity from the public. His fans are welcoming the consecutive announcement of activities following the short break after his busy drama schedules. And a lot of attention is going his way as he finishes the year off as a singer.As with many of my surveys, the results are haphazard but are useful in pointing out that we are not alone in the mistakes that occur in our dating lives. In every version the story was the same, dating a married person was a complete disaster.Here follows are a mind boggling catalogue of dating disasters that we should bear in mind as lessons learned. Not withstanding the lies, deceit, regret, cheating and false promises, on NO occasion did anyone I asked have a good outcome for their married affairs.

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I decided to take a survey of good friends and find out what kind of regrets people had when dating.