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We expected to divide them into two categories, promising and unpromising.But we soon saw we needed a third: promising people with unpromising ideas. It's very common for a group of founders to go through one lame idea before realizing that a startup has to make something people will pay for. Viaweb wasn't the first startup Robert Morris and I started.That's why we're doing it during the summer—so even college students can participate.

If you'd proposed at the time that we go into the e-commerce business, we'd have found the idea terrifying.

And we know from experience that some undergrads are as capable as most grad students.

The accepted age for startup founders has been creeping downward. The deadline has now passed, and we're sifting through 227 applications.

It's hard enough to make money that you can't do it by accident.

Unless it's your first priority, it's unlikely to happen at all.

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When we started Artix, I was still ambivalent about business. The purpose of a company, and a startup especially, is to make money. Which is not to say that you have to do the most disgusting sort of work, like spamming, or starting a company whose only purpose is patent litigation.

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