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Black and White 2 were the first pair of games to just be a numbered sequel, rather than getting an entirely new cast of Pokemon and a new name.

While the series started with Red and Green and the iconic starters of Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur, it evolved a few years later into Gold and Silver, featuring Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile.

There he will face challenges, make friends or even find love.

Join him in his journey that will make you laugh out loud or cry in a corner. It has improved graphics, better gameplay and a new storyline. Ikimono High is a fun game you can start playing online on KBH Games.

The Pokemon series turned out to be incredibly successful, and has spawned numerous spin-offs as well as direct sequels.

Each new generation of official Pokemon games come in pairs, just like Red and Green, and takes you to a new region filled with new Pokemon.

As the girl you want to go out and have a nice date in the city.

Play as Kei Nakajima, an average human student, was selected to enroll at a school built exclusively for monsters.This game also has characters from the second game. Ikimono High is one of many Simulation Games we have on our website. KBH Games is dedicated to bring you the highest quality free online games and the best online gaming experience.An adorable comic that takes place after Pokemon ORAS with a Team Magma Grunt entering a relationship with Brendan.Choose your character then try to complete your goal.As the boy you want to stay home and play video games (duh).

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Welcome to the dating simulator and I will by your host rya green.