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Far too focused on trying to get a relationship that should have been killed off long ago, and petrified of losing, being alone, and someone else getting the chump, many women I come across would rather bet on potential and live in denial and fear than actually tell someone that the relationship can’t sail because they know it can’t work.If you have no boundaries, one day, you do realise that everyone is taking advantage of you!A common thread that runs through the issues that arise from being involved in poor relationships with men is the lack of boundaries and then enforcing them. I need you more than I need my sanity or self-esteem!

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Oh that’s right…you to have boundaries in any relationship that you have with another individual, whether that is friends, family, or lovers.

You don’t make this up as you go along – this is about knowing your value and knowing your It’s about knowing what you are and aren’t prepared to accept and sticking to it.

Ladies, if you have no boundaries, it is like saying to a guy ‘Please, screw me over. If you don’t have any boundaries, how do you know when something feels wrong?

If you don’t have boundaries, at what point do you say ENOUGH?

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But…the likelihood is that if you have no boundaries, you think you’re a kind, generous, well meaning person that’s trying to be understanding, and that is repeatedly taken advantage of by men…

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