Samsung galaxy s2 email widget not updating

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That is why it’s necessary for us to create a separate troubleshooting page for it.

This page will be updated each week until such time we stop providing support for the device and will contain all problems, questions, glitches, errors, tutorials, how tos, guides, FAQs, tips and tricks.

Change the shortcuts on the lockscreen by pressing down on your screen where it says Shortcuts, when you do this you will be taken to a different screen where you can remove and add new shortcuts simply by pressing the icon you want to get rid of and dragging it into the thrash can that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Once on of them has been removed press the “ ” symbol to get up the list of available new shortcuts to choose from.

When you are done turn of the screen by tapping the power button.

Change the background image You can as with previous versions of the android Os change the background image on your galaxy s3.The lock screen on Android phones has over the years evolved quit a bit.From the early versions where all you could do was to unlock your phone it has now turned into almost anything you want it to be.Sadly I have found no way of choosing an other source than Yahoo for my news ticker.This was a real bummer for my and I may turn this function of on this base.

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Doing this is easily achieved following this recipe : NB!

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