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The i Phone has bedazzled us since 2007 with its ever-evolving size, functions, and rose-goldness -- but besides maybe a better camera in the 6 and 3D Touch in the 6s, it's been a while since we've gotten legitimately excited about a new feature.

That's why it might as well be Christmas morning for Apple fans, as Cupertino's big announcement today just revealed an even better camera on the i Phone 7 and, most impressive, a dual-lens camera on the i Phone 7 Plus -- one of the first truly cool changes to the lineup we've seen.

This means you might finally be able to post Insta-worthy shots from the nosebleeds.

Another impressive element of the Lin X technology Apple now owns is its ability to depth-map an image.

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A dual-camera set-up fixes this issue by creating the potential for optical zoom, or the type of Finding a way to pack in the mechanics for this sort of zoom has been exceptionally difficult, since there isn't nearly enough space in a smartphone to accommodate the necessary depth of a traditional optical zoom lens.

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