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Sex chatting in kerala

She had seen with her own eyes that Rahul used to open his dad’s cupboard and take money from it and his parents never said a thing to him. Sharma used to earn in crores and had no problem if his son spent thousands in parties or discos.

On the fourth day she came into his room and was cleaning the curtains when Rahul approached her from behind and hugged her. But just then Rahul’s thin lips touched her pouty ones and she felt for the first time why everyone likes to kiss.Rahul’s eyes were popping at the sight and deciding that it was time she stopped.Rahul looked up to her and realized that she had caught him staring.So one day she went to Rahul’s room and found him sitting at his usual place watching her.Kaamini started doing her work and revealed the top of her boobs as usual.

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