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Laughter filled the room as the body bent over in the tight black pants she wore that matched her little black shirt and hair curled up in a big pony tail.

Her heels were audible stomping onto the floor but all eyes were centered on one thing only; that ass.

Jennifer sighed to herself, it wasn’t like her to leave a party like this when she was on vacation but as long as she had known Tony over the years she experienced his better parties in private within the quiet walls of his mega yacht.

Soon Jennifer was to retire back home at her obscure Miami mansion home decked out on Star Island. With a couple weeks all to herself with no planned filming or music work she seen Miami as a playground for her to have some wild fun since she knew her body aged better than any fine wine in the world.

Rumors dating back to the mid 1990′s was that he had family from the old cocaine cowboys days that funded a wealth with nightclubs all over Miami and the South Beach area.

He sat in his office within the yacht, going over a sheet of income spending for the month.

The office was decorated in life achievements of the aging Colombian man.

His 49th birthday was fast approaching around August and his light brown hair began to grey but nothing could stop him from living out like his youth.

His body was still in amazing athletic shape and the man still had his life made as some kind of celebrity in the vacation paradise home.

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