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Heffernan claims his superiors at the Paterson, New Jersey, Police Department violated his free speech rights in 2005 when they demoted him after mistakenly assuming he was backing a challenger in a local mayoral race.It turns out Heffernan wasn't supporting the candidate, but was seen picking up a campaign sign for his mother. Lieutenant Mike Denton was one of a group of police officers who arrested a domestic abuse suspect in June 2011.Another officer later filed a complaint against Denton claiming he used excessive force during the arrest.ATF denied his application pursuant to the 1986 statute.Hollis filed suit, challenging the constitutionality of the 1986 statute.As a result, Mississippi Code Section 45-9-55 cannot be used as a justification to terminate an at-will employee. A 1986 federal statute makes possession of a “machinegun” unlawful.

When law enforcement officials later investigated Voisine for killing a bald eagle, they learned that he owned a rifle.

The district court dismissed the suit, holding that Hollis lacked standing, and, in the alternative, that machineguns are not protected by the Second Amendment.

We disagree about standing, but we AFFIRM the district court's judgment.

The circuit court's ruling recognizes a new public policy exception to the doctrine of at-will employment.

Swindol was an employee at Aurora Flight Sciences Corp. One day, he came to work and locked a gun in his car in the company parking lot.

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