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Sexy camgam

The synth-pop dance grooves are familiar to Western ears and nightclubs.

But while the video's goofy and amusing to those mature enough to understand parody, its sexual images and degrading message are inappropriate for younger kids.

The video's loaded with quirky, galloping-horse-style dancing, sexy moves, ogling at women's bodies, and social subtext.

The song's lyrics are in Korean and are about wanting that perfect girlfriend who knows when to be refined and when to be wild.

Neither I or any of the contributors own anything on this album.

You can get Part 1 here: As per usual, all proceeds from GANGNAMCORE 2 will be donated to charity via the Humble Bundle: Donation history: Can't afford it?

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" /Psy's hotshot character is hardly the kind you'd want your kid to associate with.

During the video, he appears to flaunt himself at the beach, but it's just a children's playground; he poses while playing polo, but he's really on a merry-go-round; he boogies at a nightclub, but he's actually on a bus with retired tourists. There's lots of sexual content in both the song and video.

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Parents need to know that "Gangnam Style" and its video have gone viral globally.