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Tell people that you're quitting and that you want their support. Do you want to ask a friend to call you each day, or every couple of days, to see how you are doing?

Before anybody can help you quit smoking, you have to ask for help. They may feel that asking how you are doing is the same as nagging you and that this may make it harder for you to quit.

But serious apart from which form of retardation I have please give me some direction (No videos of one direction, answers people answers) I'm no expert on Vaping just three months into it , I have made it work by talking to some experts in the shops in the UK where I purchased my goods and also on the online forums and utube videos.

By breaking triggers and habits, you will be much more likely to find quitting easier. One important part of quitting smoking is getting help from those around you. What can you do to make it more likely that you'll kick the habit for good?Cigarettes have nicotine in them, a highly addictive stimulant drug that speeds up the messages going to and from your brain.Like any drug, nicotine affects people differently, but most people who smoke for any length of time have a high chance of becoming addicted.

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It’s worth trying to find other ways of managing these things in order to make quitting that little bit easier.

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