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In Spain there is a mixture of a lack of self-confidence as a well-managed first world country, and a pride of our culture and style of life.

Spaniards might tend to be distant until they feel comfortable with the visitor.

Mainly because not a lot of Spaniards speak another language and they might be afraid of getting into a difficult situation.

They will try to speak about what they know, just to be friendly.

So firstly, he or she will be asked about the impressions of our country (cuisine, customs, weather, etc) to make sure the person is doing fine and is enjoying his/her stay.

If the foreigner shows appreciation, especially for our cuisine and wines, any Spaniard will be extremely pleased.

meetings with clients) to avoid appearing too serious.

Spanish culture is very welcoming and wants to make sure the visitor feels comfortable among us.

For the same reason, avoid topics relating to physical appearance or age.

A topic that must be avoided at all times is money.

It is preferably to talk about culture to a woman and about sports to a man, since Spanish women are not very fond of sports.

It is very common that Spaniards test foreigners’ knowledge about our culture by asking all sorts of questions about the above mentioned subjects or even politics.

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On the contrary, people will get very offended if the foreigner dismisses one or the other in favour of our close competitors the Italians and French.

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