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This restaurant has grown in popularity over the years, and has gained popularity as a destination restaurant that can cater to business professionals as well as the local residents.

The menu is somewhat formal for this market segment, but the bar attracts a good crowd.

I also completed an analysis of this restaurant back in 1999 and compared it to this current analysis in 2003.

Several factors led to closing of this restaurant: Location: This was a very cosmopolitan restaurant located in a core business community.

One Midtown Kitchen is in an obscure location but has thrived as one of the more successful restaurants in the area; and 3) The customer base in this segment of Atlanta is ready for after-hours dining, and is willing to travel to establishments that accommodate their needs.During this study it was evident that some patrons came exclusively to sit at the bar, without any intent of dining in the restaurant.Cumulus is more of a formal dining restaurant and meets a certain need within the community, but I don't see it as a direct competitor of Zara.Swing validates some of the elements uncovered in our market research as to what the new Atlanta diners are looking for.This serves as a true validation that the timing is right for the Zara Restaurant & Lounge concept.: Mumbo Jumbo Mumbo Jumbo was an Atlanta restaurant attraction in the downtown core, a strong competitor that was severely impacted by the patronage demise after 9/11.

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This restaurant is a main competitor for Zara, a casual dining restaurant that has evolved to be a great success story for the Midtown district.