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All three were flown by helicopter to their camps, while the remaining tribe members had to walk there.Upon arriving at camp, the weakest players had to choose between an extra bag of rice for the tribe or a clue to a hidden immunity idol.

He also found multiple hidden immunity idols, including a special one that could be used after the votes were read.

The Beauty tribe, led by LJ, only lost one member, while the Brawn tribe went undefeated in challenges.

With 14 players remaining, the castaways were shuffled into two tribes of seven: Aparri, featuring the three Brains, three of the Beauties, and Sarah from the Brawn tribe; and Solana, consisting of Beauties LJ and Jefra, and the other five Brawns.

At the Brains camp, J'Tia was leading the tribe in building their shelter despite coming across as bossy.

At the challenge, the Brawns and the Beauty tribe took a big lead; by the time the Brains tribe began the puzzle, the other tribes were almost finished.

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