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For setting up new variables within the SSIS Environment, you want to have SSDT open as well as SSMS.

On the parameters page, we can associate each parameter for the project to the environment variable that was set up.

Since this date range would apply to multiple packages, I made these project-level parameters rather than at the package-level: Sidenote: in the real world, this generic name of "data extract..." would be too vague.

As you'll see below, the SSIS environment variables on the server are shared across all projects, so that may influence your naming conventions if you have numerous projects to manage.

Or, in other words, what may need to be changed by the DBA or system admin without the SSIS developer needing to make a change in SSDT and redeploy the package.

In the example below I have 2 project-level parameters that signify a date range.

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Modify any of the values if different on the server than were used in SSDT.

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