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Most successful Escort Services are natural expansions of businesses begun originally as Introduction and Dating Services.To get started, you need an impressive looking application form.Research into a number of successful operations seems to indicate that a four-page application works well.This should be typeset with an attractive letterhead or company masthead on 11 by 17 inch paper, folded in half to give the impression of a "personnel file." Your best paper colors are either pale blue or ivory.

The secret to success with a business of this kind is advertising that presents your services with a "show business" flair - while still maintaining good taste.

For example, there has recently been a jump in the number of interracial matchmaker sites in response, to the trend toward interracial dating.

There are even sites that specifically match young women to rich men.

Or inquire among friends and acquaintances who have registered with a dating or escort service.

**** Near the end of the application, you should include a short paragraph pointing up the fact that your organization, in addition to bringing people together as a dating service, also provides an escort service for out-of-town visitors and local non-members.

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You then pose the question: "Would you be interested in these kinds of dates, which would include all expenses, and a minimum fee of $25 for what usually amounts to a very delightful time with an interesting person.

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