Steden dating delfzijl

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Steden dating delfzijl

A few Kilometers farther down the coast are the villages of Borgsweer in the northeast of the province of Groningen, in the northeast of the Netherlands.It is situated on the southwest bank of the Ems estuary, which forms the border with Germany.A fleet of Dutch ships from the West Indies landed here in 1665 under command of admiral Michiel de Ruyter, avoiding the English fleet that was blockading the Dutch coast.The fortification and the sluices were damaged during the Christmas Flood of 1717.When normal draining at low tide is not sufficient water is pumped near Delfzijl at Farmsum in a modern pumping station that replaced the historical old pump house in the 1970s.The possibility of rising sea level is a large concern in Delfzijl, and storms have occasionally splashed water over the sea dikes in recent years.The fortifications were removed in the late 19th century.

Colonial days are remembered in Delfzijl by Indonesian food and a variety of minority groups who are integrated into the community. In the area are a few estates and manor houses with historic restaurants of interest as well as numerous farm houses and villages with old churches of historic interest.

Delfzijl sits at an elevation above low tide, and usually above high tide except for a few days per year.

The town is protected by dikes and gates that can be opened to let water out at low tide, and closed to prevent flooding at high tide.

In 1580, a square sconce and a church were built in Delfzijl.

Fortification was expanded with six bastions in 1591.

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The village of Oterdum which was built against an older section of sea dike was flooded occasionally by storms and was demolished in the 1970s for raising the dike elevation.

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