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Tell about yourself dating site

Lots of the ladies on these sites scared to ...might help.:)your pics made my eyeballs feel nice :) thanks.. I say just about everything I could think of about myself in my profile. I'm not sure as to why no response, unless you don't ask any questions I will ask this if someone doesn't say much about herself in her profile. I know that more than once email conversations have stopped simply because I stopped asking questions...despite the fact that he messaged me first! *shrug*When I ask this, it's because someone messaged me and they have little or no information in their profile.I gotta agree with Scottey63 on this - if they ask me it's a fail. So many things can be misinterpreted through words or lack thereof. I'm leaning towards just pointing somone back to my profile for clues before a questionaire. Aristotle and Crankyb4coffee (picture the actual philosopher being as much..My profile should keep most people busy for a [email protected]: I would assume as much by now. That pretty much made up for the other three silent ones. Ah well, in any case I'd rather not venture down the street of "word play" unless someone seems interested to take a walk with. ) both of you are pretty much along the lines of "mean whatcha say, say whatcha mean". Who knows what goes on in the daily lives of everyone behind the magic screen. The next time I get someone who follows this path I'll simply ask them to lead off and explain a little about themselves first.

Your profile will determine not only what kind of person you're looking for, but will tell other readers if they want to contact you.There's stuff about my job, hobbies, and even personality already on my profile, we have even met in person once while working, different companies with relations.Anyhow I replied "we should hang out sometime" to which she replies "so...and she wants to hear it from you, instead of what is officially printed on the screen.Tell her any funny stories you have about yourself, and anything else that makes you sound good that she wouldn't already know.

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A decent profile should be short summary of who you are and what you want in another person.