Timeoutdating com

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Timeoutdating com

Female members can write reviews of any man on the site, provided they know him.

As a result, empowering female users is increasingly becoming a key element of the apps seeking to knock Tinder off the top spot.User behaviour is carefully monitored, and the site’s catchphrase is ‘Ditch the creeps’.Lulu Lulu is marketed as a ‘research tool’ for girls to ‘share experiences and make smarter decisions.’ The experiences they share are of the men on the site – allowing women to anonymously rate the men out of 10.‘It’s a very different experience for the guys and the girls,’ says Anti Date co-founder Hatty Kingsley-Miller.‘Girls can see the guys on a map, and they can see all the men’s profiles.

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There is also a 24-hour deadline to start communication, or the match is lost – a form of conversation control designed to move away from stereotypical gender roles.